Steelers Running Game Takes Hit


Wednesday the Pittsburgh Steelers running game went from promising to weak, when Le’von Bell and LeGarrette Blount were pulled over on a traffic stop that turned up marijuana. Bell was driving a Camaro when traffic officer Sean Stafiej pulled them over, where he detected a strong odor of marijuana. Bell,  Blount and a female passenger all took ownership of the drug, which led to all of them getting arrested. Bell, was expected to be taken to the hospital to get blood drawn, where he may get charged with driving under the influence. This whole situation was a little shocking when first heard, but should it have been? Blount has had a checkered past which for some Steelers fans caused a little apprehension when they first signed him, and the Steelers organization has been known not to take situations like this lightly. Ask Santonio Holmes, who was released after something similar to this. It will be interesting when all the facts and investigation is concluded what the Rooney’s will do.

The Steelers play Philadelphia Eagles tonight, and Bell didn’t make the team charter. Bell instead paid for his way and has since joined the team. Blount will be able to play from what I hear, as this game was supposed to be a dress rehearsal for the upcoming opener. Instead, it is a circus something the Steelers who are trying to get things turned around can’t afford. Dri Archer, who isn’t going to be a every down guy will probably get some more action tonight, and as far as the running game the Steelers were hoping to get going it seems it has gone up in smoke.

St. Louis Rams 2014 Preview


When it comes to the St. Louis Rams it’s tough to know where to start.  They are probably the weakest team in the NFL’s strongest division, but they themselves aren’t a weak team.  They have a respected head coach in Jeff Fisher but he comes with a defensive coordinator who will never escape the “bounty gate” fiasco which occurred in  New Orleans (Gregg Williams) and an offensive coordinator who many feel is getting by because of his last name (Brian Schottenheimer).


The Rams had two first round picks in this year’s draft and many thought, maybe – just maybe, they would use one of those picks on a quarterback.  The Rams opted to hold off on that and stick with the guy they took with the first overall selection of the 2010 draft, Sam Bradford.  Bradford has played a full 16 games twice in his four year career and for the most part, his play has been underwhelming.  It seemed that last season, he was on track to have his best season, but his seven game season ended with him throwing 14 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions.  This is Bradford’s final time to show that he is worthy of being a number one quarterback and with a pretty interesting quarterback class coming out in this years draft – he just may be playing on borrowed time anyway.

Teddy Bridgewater Shows Out For Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings have yet to pick a starting quarterback. Teddy Bridgewater just made the decision that much harder. His performance against Arizona can be described as poised and polished. Teddy recently said he needed to stop “over thinking” and just play the game. It looked like he did just that in his 2nd game of the pre-season.

Cleveland Browns 2014 Preview


The Browns are beyond confusing as a franchise.  Which word describes them best?  Lucky? Cursed? Smart? Foolish?  If you’re answer is all of the above, that is absolutely acceptable. How else can you describe a franchise that had the 8th overall pick in the draft and with the world expecting them to draft the flashy QB out of Texas A&M Johnny Manziel – they chose cornerback Justin Gilbert out of Oklahoma State.  Then with Johnny Manziel still on the draft board at number 22, the Browns traded up to finally select Manziel.  Funny thing is, if history proves anything, in previous drafts the Browns have used the 22nd overall pick to select quarterbacks who failed miserably (Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden).  Not trying to jinx Johnny Manziel or anything – just a weird coincidence.

Cheating Never wins, Notre Dame finds out

In the latest college sports scandal, we find one of the most prestigious universities (both athletically AND academically) involved as Notre Dame and their football program have been found of “academic misconduct” as four players from the team that appeared in the National Title game have been suspended.

DaVaris Daniels, KeiVarae Russell, Ishaq Williams and Kendall Moore have all been removed from all football activities while the NCAA and the University of Notre Dame are investigating the alleged academic crimes. This is just the latest in academic scandals for Notre Dame as just last year, recently named QB starter Everett Golson was in a very similar situation which caused him to be suspended from school.

Sports Talk Sunday R4S


Sunday 10:00 – 1:00 EST means The Route 4 Sports Podcast is live and back in action. If you love football then this is your show. We have 3 live hours of commercial free sports talk and the phone lines are open for you at 347-996-5176. The NFL focus will be on the AFC East and the latest news from pre-season action. We’ll talk some fantasy football, throw in a bit of NBA and a dash of Major League Baseball during the show, plus whatever sports related topic you want to talk about. Call in or simply listen and enjoy real sports fans talking real sports. If you’ve heard The R4S Podcast before then you know that we talk sports and not the nonsense outside the game unless particularly relevant. Here’s the link for the show

New York Giants 2014 Preview


The New York Giants have found themselves in one of those “all of a sudden” situations.  “All of a sudden” they are back to questioning their quarterback Eli Manning, they lack a punch on both sides of the line of scrimmage and “all of a sudden” they might have to consider rebuilding.  The third all of a sudden is still a year or so away, as the Giants were busier than usual this off-season in trying to right the wrongs from last year.

Eli Manning

Another Notre Dame Scandal


The last few years Notre Dame and scandal have had equal meaning. The 2014 season is starting off with another one. This time for Academic misconduct, which an investigation uncovered NCAA violations. Notre Dame has voluntarily discussed vacating any victory that took place if those suspended athletes are deemed to be ineligible.

Remix Recharge Presented by Chris Cruz


Staying in great shape and being physically fit is hard enough. Then add the fact that many people hate to work out and only go to the gym to maintain their physique but don’t get any satisfaction out of the workout itself. Imagine loving your workout, going to the gym and truly enjoying the experience! All of that is possible with the Remix Recharge at and it will be on display this weekend in South Florida’s Hard Rock Hotel at club Passion presented by DJ/Host Chris Cruz of Y100 Miami.

I’ll be attending this event personally and looking forward to what this new workout brings as Chris will be playing music in this excercize style that involves dancing and dance moves which makes the whole experience extremely fun and very effective as you get a great workout without even realizing you’re getting into incredible shape because of the enjoyment from Remix. Check out this YouTube video which says more than I can write

To add to the excitement around this awesome event are a few guys that are exceptional people and artists. Former NBA player and current author Keyon Dooling will be one of the special guests on Saturday at Passion. Also the artist known as Absoloot, Ramon Robinson will also be in attendance adding all of his skills to make this an incredible time for South Floridians. For more information on this event either visit the website or call 954-850-1021. This party is not to missed my friends. I look forward to seeing you there!